Let’s ride!

Everyone had to start somewhere and it our mission to encourage riders new to sport so they can enjoy the same freedom we enjoy that comes from exploring the world on two wheels. We created this space as a way to share some of the most valuable lessons and learning resources we have picked up along the way, so hopefully they can help you on your journey and make your riding more enjoyable, fun and safer.

Group Riding Essentials

Group riding is very much an art as well as a skill and after years we can say we are still learning. These are some of the group riding essentials we hope you will consider when riding.

  1. Wear a helmet - while riding a bicycle. Always. No exceptions.

  2. Focus! - Cycling requires focus at all times and that is especially true on group rides. There is no time to day dream, so stay “switched on” at all times because your actions effect you as well as those around you.

  3. Don’t overlap wheels - Overlapping wheeling (or cross wheeling) is one of the easiest ways to end up on the ground during a group ride. Overlapping wheels is when you are riding behind another cyclist and your front wheel comes along their rear wheel. At any time they might turn/swerve/maneuver and if they hit your wheel, you will likely be on the ground. To make things easy on yourself, stay behind them and leave yourself a buffer.

  4. Learn from those who have gone ahead - If you are new to group riding it is a good idea to hang out at the back. Watch how more experienced riders handle themselves and give yourself plenty of room. As you begin to feel comfortable, start riding a little closer to the group. If someone offers a suggestion, their intention is likely to help, so be willing to listen.

  5. Follow local laws and just plain be considerate - Just because we might be riding in a big group doesn’t make it okay to break rules or be inconsiderate of those around us (this includes pedestrians, motorist and other cyclist). As cyclist it is our responsibility to be respectful of others and be good ambassadors of the sport.

  6. No ear buds - It’s nice to enjoy music but in doing so you lose one of your best senses to detect danger, hear verbal warnings from other riders or simply enjoy a nice conversation! Please leave the ear buds at home.

Check these out!

Check out these short videos on group riding technique and etiquette. Global Cycling Network has created a fantastic wealth of knowledge on the sport and these are certainly worth watching.

This is a fantastic article on Cycling Tips called the “Lost Art of the Group Ride.” Worth having a read and brings up some great points as to why we do some of the things we do!


Top tips from our riders

Some of our riders have shared some of the most valuable insights they gained they wish someone would have told them when they were getting started!

  1. “Wear bike shorts.” - Ryan

  2. “and don’t underwear under those bike shorts!” - Kim

  3. “Get a bike fit.” - Damian & “Get fitted for the right saddle!” - Lisa

  4. “Learn to fix a flat.” - Damian

  5. “When trying clipless for the first time go to a grassy area and practice so when you fall it won’t hurt as much! Also make sure you loosen the tension in the cleats so you’re not stuck!” - Also Lisa!

  6. “Never overlap wheels.” - Dee

  7. “Under 60 degrees cover your knees!” - Thomas

  8. “Ride all disciplines. It cannot be overstated how much crosses over from the others.” - Jan

  9. “Invest in quality cold weather / winter gear. Especially for the hands and feet. No need to be miserable riding through the winters!” - Jacqueline

Vegan Cyclist Online Tutorials

For those of you a little further along in your cycling journey - perhaps you are comfortable on group rides and looking for a new challenge, we highly recommend exploring The Vegan Cyclist youtube channel. A competitive bicycle racer VC has chronicled his journey through bicycle racing in informative online videos. Whether you want to race or not, these videos provide many lessons VC learned along the way (like how to ride rollers, training tips or ways to go faster up a climb) and now you can learn through his experiences.

Cold Weather Clothing Guide

Make sure you are always comfortable when you head out for rides when it gets chilly. This is quite possibly one of the most useful links we can offer (we use it nearly day when the weather gets cold). This guide breaks down what to wear for every temperature and should get you in the ballpark!