At Friday Night Spins we value community and bringing people together through bikes. Connect through our social media with other cyclist, ask questions, find rides, and join join the conversation. Scroll down to see some of our favorite organizations and events in the metroplex and enjoy the ride!

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Sensational Two-wheeled organizations in North Texas

Road Clubs

Greater Dallas Bicyclist - A GREAT Dallas based organization for riders of a range of skill levels. GDB offers club memberships and regular group rides with great routes around the metroplex!

Plano Bicycling Association (PBA) - For those north of Dallas, PBA is an OUTSTANDING club with a range of exceptionally organized group rides for a variety of skill levels.

Off-Road Cycling

Dallas Off-Road Bicycling Association (DORBA) - Try out the dirty side of cycling! DORBA is the fantastic group which maintains and stewards the off-road trail system through north Texas. Their website contains up to date information on trail conditions, events and clinics.

Dirt Side Sisters - A spectacular organization for ladies who want to try out mountain biking! Dirt Side Sisters offers clinics, mountain bike rides and other fun events. or

Spinistry - Are you gravel curious? Get out and explore the roads less travelled around Texas at Spinistry’s epic gravel events. Ride distances range from 25k - 160k and longer!

Bicycle Racing

Tuesday Night Crits - Want to go fast? Really fast? Check out criterium racing on Tuesday nights at Breckenridge Park in Richardson starting on March 12th and running through the end of daylight savings.

Wednesday Night Crits at Tupps Brewery - Want to go even faster yet? Head up to the world famous Tupps Brewery in McKinney to race or cheer for the riders and enjoy a frosty beverage while you are there! and

Texas Bicycle Racing Association (TXBRA) - The official bicycle racing association in Texas. Check the schedule of events for road, criterium and other events in your area.

Cyclocross Racing (our favorite time of the year, because what other time of the year can you dress up in costume, ride your bike over/around/through mind bending obstacles and get ice cold refreshments from racing fans at the same time?)

Fort Worth Cyclocross - A warm, family friendly community that makes cyclocross racing fun. Located at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth. and

Texas Cross Syndicate - Bringing you outstanding weeknight cyclocross racing in the Dallas area (Garland) along with the only UCI sanctioned race in the lone star state, the Resolution Cup. and

Bike Fitting

A good bike fit is worth more than the bike itself. The bike fitting process involves specific adjustments to the saddle height, fore/aft position, cleats and handle bar positioning to adapt your bicycle to your body and riding style. This process improves comfort, performance control of the bike and is a very important part to enjoying cycling! While there are many fitters, our Friday Night Spins riders in the Dallas area have enjoyed success working with Mat Stephens, Pro cyclist and coach. Bike fits are by appointment and can be scheduled by emailing

Local Bike Shops

We love them, we support them, they are the backbone of cycling and keep us rolling! Friday Night Spins is not attached to any particular shop although we encourage you to keep your business local and frequent the shops in the area whenever possible.